Elizabeth Moran

The appointment was all of what I expected. These people do not miss a thing. Now I can go for another few months and not be concerned about my mouth etc. Thanks FOR NOT BEING AFRAID TO "SMILE!!!!.


 Rumyana Edelste...

Dr Young is magician.I'm having the same problem for 3 years. The surface of a tooth closed in bridge is broken.She fixed it soooo well - you can't see any diference with the rest of my teeth. Now i'm not ashamed to smile again. Such relief...


 Elizabeth Davis

Once I found Dr. Young, I knew it was time to do everything I'd always wanted to do to make my mouth healthy and my smile big and bright. This team is so good that even though I've moved out of the LA area, I fly in for all my dental work -...

 Stan Simon

Excellent care DR Young is The best Her personnel At her office is excellent very knowledgeable and very helpful I feel at home At her office I never had the experience At a dentist office Like I received at Dr. Young's office 10 Stars


always a pleasure going to Dr Young's office. the staff is so warming and kind, cleanings are thorough and well explained every step of the way. very well worth the visit.



Dr Young is thorough in her work, no matter how big or small the problem at hand is. It gives me comfort that she is always there to answer questions, available for emergency visits and she shows that she truly cares about her patients.


I am extremely happy with the work that Dr Young has done on me. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting the best results for any dental procedure. I have had crowns, veneers, fillings and orthodontia and I do not have one complaint....



Dr. Young was extremely caring, and professional. She was thorough and explained everything in great detail; I appreciated her chair side manor and felt comfortable through out the entire process. I will recommend Dr. Young to everyone I co...


Always a great experience with Dr. Young, she is a total perfectionist and one of the best dentists in Los Angeles

    -Nick Spark

My visit with Dr. Young was delightful! I haven't been to the dentist in 12 years because I am terrified. Her staff was very warm and welcoming and Dr. Young was very explicit regarding what was wrong and how it can be fixed! I love my new dentist and highly recommend her!

     -Jennifer Gendel


My best experience with a dentist in the last 10 years

Dr. Young is a magician. I'm having the same problem for 3 years. The surface of a tooth closed in bridge is broken. She fixed it soooo well-you can't see any difference with the rest of my teeth. Now I'm not ashamed to smile again. Such relief. Everybody working there is very nice and kind and knowledgable. THANK YOU

     -Rumyana Edelstein

I switched in the middle of my treatment to Dr. Young. I Highly recommend her to anyone, especially if you have a small mouth, like me. Her dental assistant is very nice and takes good care of you. While waiting, I was able to watch a video instead of the ceiling. Catherine, assistant, is very pleasant and competent. I am so happy that Dr. Raschkovsky has referred me to Dr. Young and her professional team.

     -Jaqline Lee

I have been going to Dr. Young for 9 years and have never been disappointed. Dr. Young as always does the best work in Los Angeles. She is a dedicated dentist with a trained eye to make your smile look beautiful. She tackles the most difficult dental problems that most dentists would not touch and the outcome is always outstanding.
     -Vincent DiMaggio

Dr. Young is thorough, caring, professional, and will provide the best orthodontic service you can get. My teeth have never looked this good. I should add that she's also a wonderful individual and very easy to get along with. Her staff is always very helpful and caring too. I'm leaving LA for at least a year, but she's so good I'll be flying back regularly so that I can get her service.
     -Mario Micheli

The BEST care possible! The BEST!

Dr. Young has walked me through broken teeth, a root canal, Invisalign, and even bonded my son's tooth back in place after he bit the bottom of a swimming pool. Emergency care, routine cleanings, newly straightened and whitened teeth; Dr. Young is superb in EVERY way. The office staff is delightful and the Team is outstanding. Thank You Dr. Young!
     -Jenna DeAngeles

Prompt  response , problem solved!

I broke tooth on my denture over the weekend and I needed an emergency appointment on Monday. I got it both via an email and a phone. When I came in I was seen immediately and steps were taken to remedy the situation. Service was prompt and courteous. I had to leave the denture over night for the Lab to fix it, but it was ready this morning and I'm good to go. Thanks to Dr Young and all her staff.
     - Udo Strutynski

Gentle and she looks out for your financially!

I've been through a lot of dentists and Dr Young is really the best- by far. She an exceptional talent for minimizing pain. You don't dread doing for visit! Also she is very fair and reasonable in pricing- making sure you don't spend where you don't need to. I like that!
     - Anonymous


After years of dental work with the wrong dentists, I finally feel I am in the right hands!
     -Lauren Bratman

A new crown!

Excellent Care.... I welcome this much needed new crown!
     -Linda Price

This is as good as it gets!

This practice is 100% professional. from the greeting at the reception desk through to the dental treatment. Careen is a gentle caring and highly proficient practitioner. The 3 hours I spent in the chair was made as easy as possible with constant concern as to how I was doing. Careen is without doubt the best dentist I have been to in life and as I have lived 80 years that is as good as it gets.
    - Vivienne Winnick.

The Route to Better SMILE!

Dr Careen Young has given me a smile I have wanted all my life. She began with Invisalign, correcting my contorted teeth and the margically created a couple of new crowns that actually look like real teeth which led my friends to ask me if I had lost weight... they think I look great and can't figure out why. The real answer is the change Dr Young has done to my smile... I could never thank nor enough. Before visiting Dr Young I had received
treatment plans from two other dentists that were more expensive and had a simplistic approach to my needs, that would not have given me the results that I desired ... they were general dentists that just did not have the experience that Dr Young has in making people feel better about themselves... she is a sure bet for better smile and dental care.
      -Douglas Hrdlicka
Dentistry Perfected!

I realized after my first visit to Dr Young that my previous dentists were average at best. Dr Young offers unparalleled expertise and clearly gives her patients the best care possible. Her attention to detail is second to none and she obviously wants her clients to have the best health possible. Her assistants (Catherine) and hygienist( Ruth) are very professional and friendly as well. If you want the best dental care-try Dr Young!
       - William Jordan 


Loving it:) on my way to having a nice smiles!
      - Stan Simon

Exceptional Dentist!

Dr. Careen Young is a perfectionist at what she does, and exceptional in every sense of the word. She is a wonderful, caring doctor and a stellar clinician. Under her watchful eye, her staff of hygienists gives thorough cleaning and checks that go way beyond what I'd grown used to. It's nice to have peace of mind about dental health... and having gone  to see five or six different dentists in my lifetime it's easy for me to say Dr. Young is tops. My wife and I have referred our entire extended family to see her, and I'm happy to recommend her to anyone.

Excellent service. Highly recommend. The best dentist.
      -Karla Fonseca.

I'm amazed every time I get teeth cleaning here. I'm from the east coast and my teeth cleanings back there lasted 15-20 min. tops. This is the most thorough job I've ever seen. Expect to be in the chair for about an hour while the friendly staff make sure your teeth are as clean as can be! You also have the choice to get an oral cancer screening. Even my family members who are in the dental industry think this team is outstanding!

We really like Dr. Young and her honesty!
      -Brent Ferrigno.

Excellent Dental Care!

Careen and her staff have improved my dental hygiene significantly. My habits and techniques are much better. My oral health is greatly improve. I trust her advice and I'm very satisfied with the dental work that I do require.
      -Jim Spear.

Dr Careen Young is great professional, my visit yesterday was super insightful, she explained to me several options and procedures very clearly, I highly recommend her.
      -Ernesto Cavassuto.

Outstanding staff and skillful and professional service delivered with comforting warmth.
      -Alvin Pittman.

Dr Young is a Perfectionist.

After years of on-going dental work, I feel that I am finally in the right hands! Dr Young takes the time to explain to you all your options and decide what is the best plan for you. I truly appreciate her meticulousness and sensitivity to ones individual needs.

Always the best... Thanks MTL

You are the BEST Careen. Thank you for all you do to keep me & my teeth in shape. See you on the hike MTL.
      -Maria DeCordoba.

As usual...

I went in to see Dr Young for an adjustment on a crown, and as usual, she fixed it and now its perfect.
 Dr. Young and her staff feel like friends, not my dentist and her staff. Attention to detail is always great.
     -Suzanne Matheson.


Every time I go to see Dr Young and her staff I amazed how consistent everything is each visit. They are polite, clean, kind, patient, etc etc. They answer questions, as many as you may have! The teeth cleaning was THE MOST thorough cleaning I have ever had. The office is spotless and feels very "at-home" and comforting. When getting the process going with Invisalign, everyone has been so informing and has made me feel so comfortable with any concerns I had. I would recommend anyone and everyone see Dr Young and her staff. I have never met a more dedicated doctor to her patients as well as her craft in medicine.

Everything was great. Ruth was terrific as usual and It's always great seeing Dr Young!
      -Fallon Goodson.

Cleaning excellence!

Had a great visit with no pain.
      -Poul Silka.

My experience at Dr Young office was great... as always! The staff, as well as Dr Young, make you fell comfortable and at ease. They make this very difficult ordeal bearable for me.
      -Karla Thomas.